sexta-feira, 15 de agosto de 2014

And after years, I finally return!

So many things happened since I last wrote in here. So many things changed as well. 

Last Tuesday I finally quit my job. I say "finally" because I have been complaining about it for years. Years my people! 

Please don't get me wrong, it was not a terrible job, the kind you have to use extreme physical force, or clean really disgusting things out of even more disgusting areas. No, it was not.  I worked in a beautiful office, with floor to ceiling windows and a gorgeous view of trees, that went as far as the eyes could see. It was clean and calm sometimes, it was messy and loud others. Just like any other office. Most of my coworkers were there since day one with me, and I loved most of them. Most. Not all. 

Sometimes, like in my case, it is necessary to break the "everything is pretty and ok goggles" to actually see reality. And reality was another story in there. Nothing was as pretty, nothing was as calm. It seemed, for me,  that there were two realities. One that everyone most people, if I say so, in the world lives in. The other, was only lived in the office. Odd, hun? 

Saying "I quit" out loud felt as if I said a bad word. Like a curse word. I felt terrible. I cried. I broke myself into pieces to let that word out of me. But it finally got out. And then I  understood that my "job" had me chained to values and customs that were not mine; I needed freedom from it. 

So I finally let it go. 

my temporary new office

my new coworker!
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